Professional Call Handling Services for Flat and Auto Glass Shops

Remote Estimating | Call Answering | Flat Glass | Auto Glass | 100% U.S. Based

Service Station is a live call answering service

Are you ready to scale your glass business? Service Station is the solution to growing your business without hiring and training new CSRs.

We are a 100% U.S.-based team specializing in flat and auto glass. Our team is trained to estimate showers, windows, table tops, auto glass, and more.

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How we help glass businesses

Increased Sales

Take the grind of cash sales off your plate. We’ll take your calls and turn them into profitable jobs with down payment. Our team specializes in sales for auto glass and flat glass.

Call Answering

Finally, you can get more done with fewer distractions. Focus on walk-in customers, ARs, glass ordering, account development, and more knowing your calls are being handled.


Say goodbye to new-hire training when you want to grow. Our glass industry-trained team is ready for you and will flex up to meet your needs.

Technical Expertise

Our team is experienced in everything from chip repairs to complex shower enclosures. Do you only do auto glass or flat glass? Our team is trained to handle any call.

Local Feel

Our team is 100% US based. We are eager to learn the ins and outs of your operation and deliver customer service that feels like it’s coming from your shop.


Monitor the number of leads, closing percentage, and won job totals in real-time with a personal dashboard.

We learn the details of your business

During our onboarding process, we learn all the particulars of your organization from your pricing structure to how you greet your customers who call in.

We use software to communicate

We partner with BidClips glass software to work with your team. With BidClips, our teams can easily see who is handling which request and all the details related to the job.

We act like your front desk

Using Service Station is just like adding another employee to your team (without the hiring and training part). We have a collaborative and fun culture that will make your team excited to work with us!

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who use Service Station to ease their workloads.

Why our team rocks

The Service Station Culture

We recognize that in 2023, customers place a high value on having a positive experience with the company they choose. That’s why our priority is creating a culture that is positive, professional, fun, and easy to work with.

The Hiring Process

Our team goes through an extensive hiring process to ensure you’re getting exactly what your business needs. We guarantee you won’t find a better crew to work with than the Service Station team.

100% U.S. Based

Service Station is split into various groups to better take care of specific regions. Every glass shop that works with us can be rest-assured they will have a consistent crew of the same individuals answering calls on their behalf.

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