How American Glass and Glazing speeds up their estimating process with Service Station

Answering customer calls leaves glass shop owner little time to focus on business growth

DJ Sorenson is the 4th generation owner of American Glass and Glazing a rapidly growing residential and commercial glass business located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Their mission is provide outstanding customer service by ensuring that each and every one of their clients receive the highest level of communication, honesty, and dependability.

DJ realized that if he was going to grow his business and still provide best-in-class customer service, he needed help. Historically DJ answered all incoming phone calls himself and wrote down customer information on pen and paper. As a busy owner, he struggled to focus on growing his business, while also constantly answering phone calls. 

Hiring Service Station lets glass shop achieve unlimited growth

Then he found Service Station’s team of glass-industry trained remote estimators.

“Service Station is helping us meet our goals by allowing us to have unlimited growth. So we have no restriction on scaling now because we can just take however many phone calls we need and those phone calls are being converted to deals.” Says DJ. 

Service Station specializes in turning calls into profitable jobs for auto and flat glass companies of all sizes. DJ was surprised at the level of knowledge of Service Station’s team. 

“Finding people who are trained in our industry could be hard to find sometimes. We’re kind of a specialized industry and everyone that comes on staff [at Service Station] has some training or has some sort of background in our industry.” Says DJ.

Embracing a new remote estimating process saves valuable tech time and achieves results

Embracing Service Station’s remote estimating process has helped American Glass and Glazing save hours of valuable tech time. Now, they are pre-qualifying customers by collecting important job information upfront without sending technicians all over town to provide free estimates. “It takes what was taking us multiple days down to hours.” says DJ. 

Most important, Service Station helps DJ fulfill American Glass and Glazing’s mission to provide consistent, high quality customer service. “Our customers benefit the most because they’re getting someone on the phone who can help them, and that person’s able to get ’em to a quote pretty quickly so they don’t have to deal with waiting on someone to call ’em back who’s familiar with the product.” Being a family owned operation, DJ knows the value of the partnerships and relationships his family has built for generations.

By evolving his operations with Service Station, DJ is able to focus on growing and running his business instead of answering calls. “Service station’s been great for us. I highly recommend it to anybody.”